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Natural Therapies Review 2019 - 2020

ATMS has lodged its initial submission to the Natural Therapies Review 2019 – 2020. Initial submissions closed 7 August 2019 and were requested to address the draft Terms of Reference for the review. Suitably qualified individuals were also asked to nominate to the Natural Therapies Review Expert Advisory Panel.


Our submission addressed technical issues in the draft Terms of Reference regarding access to and standards of evidence for natural therapies.


ATMS understands that the Expert Advisory Panel is to be established by the end of August 2019 with work to commence in early September 2019. ATMS has been advised that the Australian Government is preparing to receive an interim report from the Panel before the end of this year.


With the Review underway ATMS will continue to work collaboratively across therapies and intends to submit appropriate evidence sources to the Panel. With the establishment of the Panel, and assuming sound Terms of Reference with appropriate standards of evidence, ATMS looks forward to a positive review process.


As part of our continuing advocacy on behalf of members, ATMS met with members of the government and the cross bench during our most recent visit to Canberra. The purpose of our meetings is to confirm with government our vital interest in the Review. ATMS continues to advocate that natural therapies should return to their rightful place within the private health insurance system.

ATMS Wise-N-Well August 2019