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22 March 2019

Rakhee Dodhia

How to use Ayurveda to adapt to seasonal changes

The science of Ayurveda acknowledges the synergy between the individual being and the environment and seasons. The change in the seasons impacts us and we can help to maintain balance by responding to these seasonal shifts.

7 March 2019

Robert Medhurst

Research in Homeopathy 6

In 2010, the UK Parliament’s Science and Technology Committee, which was comprised of a farmer, a professor of chemistry, an analytical chemist, a chemical plant operator, an IT expert, an immunologist, and 2 people with connections to a group called Sense About Science, declared that homeopathy “does not work beyond the placebo effect”1.

14 February 2019

Joann Farkas

How to establish healthy boundaries to optimise outcomes with your practitioner

Before you begin, as individuals you may need to research practitioners and techniques to find what best works for you. The right fit so to speak. You may be drawn to a specific counselling process, or a combination, but with a little effort you will find a method or approach that suits. 

28 November 2018

Christine Pope

Setting-up your clinic appointment systems and diaries – a practical guide

You did all the work to get someone to follow you on Facebook or Instagram and built a relationship with them. Finally, they decide to book in – are you making the process easy or difficult? Ideally you would have a reception team prepped and ready to take their call, but what can you do if you simply can’t afford reception at this point? There are a number of options that may be suitable for you in the earlier stages and some that are scalable to allow your business to expand easily.

23 October 2018

Sandi Rogers

Keep Circulating

Back pain, neck pain, stiff joints, tingling fingers and high blood pressure need not be inevitable for those who spend their lives driving long distances. A few simple strategies can make a huge difference to your health and wellbeing.

30 August 2018

Christine Pope

Spam and Privacy Laws

In a recent email, ATMS mentioned the spam and privacy laws regarding unsolicited emails. We thought it would be handy to provide a simple explanation of the rules to make sure that you market effectively, and in a way that complies with current legislation. Don’t worry too much, it’s not hard to stay compliant! There are just a few simple strategies.

30 August 2018

Geneve Grasso

Which Association ?

Last year, I graduated from Naturopathy at Nature Care College and decided to set up practice, meaning it was finally time for me to join an association. For me this was an important decision, as an association bridges the gap between myself and the industry and I needed to find one that would cover as many of my needs as possible.

18 April 2018



When running a business, you are exposed to substantial risk. Fortunately, there a wide range of insurance products to protect you and your business. GSA discuss a list of some of the key insurance policies you can obtain to help manage these risks below

14 March 2018

Debbie Milsom

Transition to Practice

I recently attended the ATMS Transition to Practice Seminar, which for me was invaluable.


As a newly qualified naturopath, I had registered my business name, arranged my insurance, set up my website, and on the face of it looked like I was doing all the right things.

7 February 2018

Debbie Pannowitz

Put mindfulness on the menu

How do you feel about a nice big serving of stale popcorn? I’m betting you might have some other preferences, but just for interest sake indulge yourself in this research finding.

14 March 2018

Jenetta Haim

Inflammation and using food to detox

Savvy health enthusiasts are becoming more and more aware that inflammation is the basis of many illnesses on a number of levels. When the body carries toxins, holds too much acid between the joints, which causes pain, or has an imbalanced PH with gut issues, chances are you will not be healthy no matter how much exercise you do, water you drink, or good food you seem to eat – now and then.

19 January 2018

Robert Medhurst

Research in Homeopathy 5

The Australian Federal Government recently announced that in 2019, the healthcare insurance rebates for most complementary medicine consultations provided by non-registered healthcare providers, including rebates for homeopathic treatment, would cease. This measure was taken as a means of reducing healthcare spending in areas where the government was advised that there was insufficient evidence for the treatment modality to justify the rebate

13 December 2017

Charles Wurf

Health Fund Eligibility

A key business aspect of establishing yourself in practice is your eligibility to be recognised as a service provider with health funds. This is an important part of a practice strategy – what is the pricing strategy for services and what is the positioning strategy for health fund rebates. In this blog we guide you to understanding the provider eligibility requirements of the Australian health funds.

17 November 2017

Christine Pope

A guide to marketing your practice

Most practitioners will tell you that word of mouth is the best way to grow your business, that’s great but how do you build word of mouth as a new practitioner? Building a community of passionate advocates for your business is the desirable outcome for your marketing, so in this blog we will look at three ways you can build a client base and ultimately develop “word of mouth”

10 October 2017

Robert Medhurst

How to transition from student to running a practice ?

You’ve graduated as a natural medicine practitioner, you’re excited and you are ready to set up your practice. What do you need to think about to get your practice set up and running well? We have compiled a list of the first three things you need to consider to ensure you set up your practice effectively.

22 May 2017

Debbie Pannowitz

Eating with a spoonful of mindfulness

How many decisions do you think you make around food each day? Maybe 20, maybe 50, actually it is at least 200 per day! How amazing, all of those unconscious decisions. With such a strong auto-pilot no wonder diets are so hard to stick to. Not to mention other factors that influence our choices e.g. thoughts, emotions, food availability, stress, deservedness, time etc. Healthy eating may start to sound a bit like a hopeless battle, especially when the ‘experts’ keep telling us conflicting information. Mindful eating provides us clarity when all those swirling thoughts, emotions and ‘alternative facts’ begin to swamp us. It helps us find a grounded, compassionate sweet spot and a path to exploring the relationship with food we would like to pursue.

22 May 2017

5 foods that can improve your stress levels

Jenetta Haim

5 foods that can improve your stress levels

Stress is a prolific illness in our world today. It permeates into our kid’s lives while they are still in school, creeps into our relationships, into our offices and stays with us through to old age. But it doesn’t have to be so. There are many ways to alleviate stress – what we need is a healthy tool kit to use against it. Natural medicine can teach us different skills, including how to use the different modalities to ease stress levels. This is something we can all adopt at any age for all of our lives. Learning to eat right is part of this tool kit, which includes many foods that can help you reduce your stress levels.