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ATMS, CMAustralia, NHAA, CMAssociation collaborate as one united voice for CAM

For the last 18-months ATMS have been working collaboratively with other industry Associations to create a unified voice for the complementary medicine industry.

Introducing OneCAM.

The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS), Complementary Medicines Australia (CMAustralia), the Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA) and the Complementary Medicine Association (CMAssociation) have developed a working paper that represents the common needs of practitioners and industry.

The Purpose

  • To maintain a minimum representative standard across all sectors of the complementary medicine industry and its practitioners.
  • To represent a diverse yet united professional body representing the majority of Australian complementary medicine practitioners and industry, which includes:
  • input into government policy formation and interpretation
  • providing a united media response
  • coordinating a proactive role in advocating and promoting the benefits of natural medicines to the general public
  • promoting the professional sector of complementary medicine as a united front to benefit both industry and professionals within natural medicine.

OneCAM IS NOT ANOTHER ASSOCIATION and will not replicate the work of any professional association. However, when an issue such as health fund rebates occurs and affects us all, OneCAM will stand up with one clear, unified voice.

A small but representative group have been working together to form the basis of OneCAM. The current steering committee are:

  • Daniel Baden (Chair, Practitioner Committee, CMAustralia)
  • Peter Berryman (President, ATMS)
  • Natalie Cook (President, NHAA)
  • Kristy Hollis (President, CMAssociation)

What’s next for OneCAM?

  • Invite all relevant practitioner associations to join.
  • Develop a sustainable funding model.
  • Write to all state and federal health offices to let them know that the overwhelming majority of Australia’s complementary health professionals, supported by our own industry, can finally speak with one voice on issues that affect us all.

This is an exciting new chapter for complementary medicine in Australia.

Join the conversation on the OneCAM Facebook page.