About ATMS

About Us

Welcome to ATMS, leader of the natural medicine industry.


ATMS represents the specific needs of practitioners in the following modalities:


Acupuncture             Homoeopathy                         Remedial Massage
Aromatherapy             Hypnotherapy                         Shiatsu
Ayurvedic Medicine             Kinesiology                         Thai Massage
Bowen             Naturopathy                         Tibetan Medicine
Chinese Herbal Medicine             Nutrition                         Western Herbal Medicine
Chinese Massage             Osteopathy                          
Chiropractic             Reflexology                          


GST-Free Status

ATMS presented a Submission to the Health Workforce Principal Committee which gave a ruling of:

Recognition of The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society by The Australian Taxation Office for GST-free Status. ATMS gained a Private Ruling from the ATO on 27 November 2002 that allows its acupuncture, herbal medicine and naturopathy practitioners to have GST-free status.

ATMS is committed to continuous quality improvement with our Quality Assurance Program and Continuing Education Commitment. We strive to ensure that the Australian public receive safe and ethical service by encouraging our members to maintain quality service, best practice procedures, ethical conduct as practitioners of natural medicine.

How does ATMS work for its Membership and the community?

  • Having a commitment to high standards of our entry requirements for potential members.
  • Reviewing of our entry standards by the Academic Review Committee to maintain currency and ensure relevance.
  • Free student membership to the society.
  • Providing subsidised continuing professional education seminars for our membership.
  • Active consultation in setting standards at national and state levels via industry reference groups, education bodies, educational institute and colleges.
  • Compulsory yearly proof of minimum continuing professional education requirements of members to retain accredited membership of ATMS
  • The Society enforces a strict Code of Professional Ethics and Code of Conduct
  • Provision of annual ATMS Simon Schot Student Awards totalling $5,000 p.a. to encourage excellence in the study of natural medicine.
  • Additional avenues of continuing professional education for members.
  • The latest up to date scientific information and monographs from EBSCO and Greenlinks Free to all members
  • The Society maintains effective public complaints handling and resolutions mechanisms by our Complaints Committee.
  • A member’s area on the website where members can update their business listings, manage their Noticeboard listings, access the EBSCO data base and Greenlinks with further  development planned.
  • The publication of the ATMS Journal (JATMS) four times a year offering research articles, latest information, topics of interest to the profession.
  • Find a practitioner facility to assist the public in finding an ATMS accredited practitioner.
  • Rapid news emails to our members to update them on the latest information on the natural medicine profession
  • Having ATMS Policies, Constitution, Code of Conduct, Complaints forms and Membership Application forms for easy access.
  • Publishing an Annual Report on the activities and performance of the Association
  • National Workforce Surveys for every 3 years.
  • ATMS maintains a National Administration Office, which is open and fully staffed five days a week.
  • Democratic voting system for the election of directors by members
  • A ‘1800’ free-call number for the public and practitioners, enabling direct communication with the Society’s head administration office.
  • ATMS maintains fully computerised membership, accreditation and course recognition databases and systems.
  • Only recognising courses that meet ATMS’s stringent requirements.(ATMS does not recognise courses delivered totally by distance education)
  • Undertaking ongoing internal audits of its policies and processes of operation.
  • Undertaking external audits of procedures, policies & processes to ensure compliance with the principles of best practice, legal and governance requirements.
  • Ongoing consultation and collaboration with other professional associations
  • Ongoing dialogue and correspondence with ministers, government departments and regulatory bodies
  • ATMS offer three categories of membership: Accredited, Student and Associate. The benefits of each category of membership may be found in the Membership section of website
  • Application form available under the Membership Qualifications page of this website.
  • A copy of the ATMS Memorandum and Articles of Association (Constitution) can be accessed HERE….