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There are 4 essential components to maintain Accredited Membership

Continuing Professional Education

Each Accredited Member accepts the professional obligation to regularly update clinical skills and professional knowledge. The ATMS Continuing Education (CPE) Policy requires an Accredited Member to accumulate 20 CPE points per financial year, with each year being from 1 July to 30 June. Some Health Funds require at least 20 CPE hours/points per year directly related to the therapy concerned, to be completed within a membership year.

Current Professional Indemnity Insurance

Each Accredited Member must maintain a current professional indemnity insurance policy. Please ensure that there is no break or gap in cover, and that policy coverage is continuous for all periods. Members with break or gap in cover will lead to the loss of recognition with health funds.

Current First Aid Certificate

Each Accredited Member must maintain a current Provide First Aid certificate. Please ensure that there is no break or gap in cover, and that the Provide First Aid (or equivalent) certificate is continuous for all periods. Members with break or gap in cover will lead to the loss of recognition with health funds.

Payment of Membership Fees

The membership year for ATMS is 1 July to 30 June.​ ATMS membership is for a fixed term so there is no refund

ATMS Accredited membership is available in the following natural medicine modalities:

Tactile Therapies 








Traditional Chinese Massae

Bowen Therapy 


Remedial Massage

Traditional Thai Massage

Non Tactile Therapies 


Chinese Herbal Medicine*




Western Herbal Medicine 

The following special conditions apply in respect of above modalities marked with an asterisk:

  • Acupuncture: Must have current national registration.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine: Must have current national registration.
  • Chiropractic: Must have current national registration.
  • Osteopathy: Must have current national registration.

General Academic Eligibility

Accredited membership is the only category suitable for a practitioner, and entitles the member to the full range of professional benefits. To meet the academic qualifications required by ATMS, an applicant must have successfully completed study in a course approved by ATMS; or successfully completed a non approved course which in the opinion of ATMS is of an equivalent standard to the applicable ATMS academic criteria.

Overseas Qualifications

ATMS does accept overseas qualifications providing that the course is of an equivalent standard to the applicable ATMS academic criteria. Any documentation or qualifications that are in a language other than English need to be officially translated.


It is of note that Health Funds generally do not accept overseas qualifications, or may require further documentation in addition to what is required for membership of ATMS. Please contact the ATMS Office for more information.

Other Eligibility Criteria

The above eligibility criteria are the primary specific criteria at the time of publication. In addition an applicant must be at least 18 years of age and of good character. ATMS may amend its membership eligibility criteria at any time, and that criteria will be applied regardless of whether or not it is published in the Membership Information and Application Form. 

How Long Does Accredited Member Processing Take?

For successful applicants who have completed an ATMS approved course, it may take up to 14 days for receipt of confirmation of membership. 


For applicants who did not complete an ATMS approved course, the application may need be to assessed by the Academic Review Committee which meets on a regular basis. The Committee will not assess an application unless full documentation is attached.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are based on the financial year. To join ATMS between July – June (Full Year) the membership fee is $295. To join ATMS between January – June (Half Year) is $142.50


All memberships expire on the 30th June each year.


The fees listed above includes the administrative fee, GST and is correct at the time of publication, but is subject to change without notice. For applicants who do not proceed with membership, the administrative fee will be forfeited.

Important Note

Certified Photocopies of qualifications and academic transcript

Please attach certified photocopies of all qualification(s) and academic transcript(s). These documents may be certified by a (JP) Justice of the Peace, accountant, bank manager, solicitor, barrister, pharmacist, post office manager, judge, member of parliament, police officer. Providing certified photocopies in the first instance will assist in fast-tracking the assessment and accreditation process for you.

Overseas-born applicants – proof of permission to work in Australia

For all overseas-born applicants, please attach proof of permission to work in Australia (ie. Australian passport, citizenship certificate, permanent resident visa or passport number to verify work rights

Health Fund Provider Status & Provider Numbers

Association membership does not guarantee health fund provider status. Health funds maintain their own requirements for provider status. Health funds do not recognise qualifications delivered substantially online, by distance, through correspondence or externally.They also do not recognise overseas qualifications. For health fund requirements, please refer to the Health Fund section of the ATMS website​

How to apply ?

Download Application Form – Click Here

Download Health Fund Declaration Form – Click Here