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ATMS call for public to support accredited Ingestive practitioners with online consultations!

In this unprecedented time, health and wellbeing is so important, and it is for this reason ATMS have launched a campaign to raise the awareness of accredited practitioners who can provide online consultations for the public.


A large number of our Ingestive practitioners of herbal medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, nutrition and counselling have gone online and are still open for business.


If you want to boost your immunity and support your health, then #shoplocal and #supportpractitioners by booking an online consultation.


If you want to know if a practitioner is accredited with ATMS then visit the Find a Practitioner tool on our website or use it to find an Ingestive practitioner.


All our practitioners will receive digital logos with the ‘Accredited ATMS Practitioner’ for use on their website and social media channels.


We encourage the public to always ask their practitioner to verify their qualifications, and to check they are part of a professional Association.


Thank you to all our members for being part of our community and for your continuing support.


If you’re a member of ATMS offering online consultations and want to download your ‘Accredited Practitioner – Online Consultations’ promotional graphics – Please check your email for download link!