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Rowena Jayne, Naturopath and Nutritionist, Rowena Jayne Health and Wellness | NSW

Chosen accredited natural medicine practice:

Naturopathic medicine combining that with Neuro Emotional Technique and Psychosomatic bodywork – I specialist in stress, anxiety and PTSD.

What drew you to focus on this type of Natural medicine:

My own personal journey of healing trauma and abuse led me to have an eating disorder, anxiety, PTSD & Rheumatoid arthritis. Everything I used to heal my life now I utilise for my clients. Taking a holistic approach to create a triangle of health in all areas of life.

Has this always been your focus, or did you originally focus on another area of natural medicine / work in a different industry?

I was originally in the performing arts industry and then became a top global yoga instructor travelling the world, but I kept wanting to learn more and more about the body, healing, mindset and how it’s all connected. This led me to study Ayurvedic Medicine and then Naturopathic Medicine, NET, shamanic healing etc. I connected the dots and realised I was organically studying and learning about everything that had helped my life.

What is your motivation to deliver this type of care for your clients?

The world Is full of trauma. It goes deep and is generational and condition affects everything. Living in the modern world with a focus on materialism people have also lost touch with how to even care for themselves. This drives me to help turn people’s lives around. I am a humanitarian at heart and believe in human potential.


If I can play my part to help turn people’s lives inward to make inner and outer changes in their lives . . . I feel a ripple effect takes place and more people will follow suit and we can create a better world for each other and for future generations to come.


On a personal note – my love language is gifts of service so if I am not giving back my life feels empty and not fulfilling. I thrive on being inspired and helping others feel that too!

How does your type of natural medicine support your clients in reaching their health goals?

It addresses the root cause of problems and links the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual aspects of oneself to become more whole.


When we create balance life flows, our body operates better – our outer world reflects our inner world. So, people’s lives change not just their health (i.e. not just their disease state).

How is the perception of natural medicine changing in Australia?

On one level I feel it’s changing as more people are in turmoil and are finding modern medicine is ineffective. As a result, are seeking alternative solutions. I have found more people are wanting to also look deeper into other aspects of healing instead of a quick fix pill. On the other hand, I feel we still have a major battle on our hands to be respected for the power of natural medicines.

Why are you passionate about your type of natural medicine?

As per above! It drives me! It inspires me to see how human potential can be accessed and I see natural medicine as a vehicle for this to occur. Those of us doing the work are leaders guiding others to work through what we’ve had the opportunity to discover and utilise to access our potential.

What are some of the ways you advocate for the natural therapies industry?

By supporting other practitioners, by continuing my education to help institutions stay afloat.


I advocate best by walking my talk and being a role model of health and healing.


To me it’s not an industry it’s a way of life, so advocating for anything is best done through being a good example of that.


I would love to do a research project at some point to strengthen evidence-based practice for our industry.

What does the future of natural medicine look like to you?

My dream for natural medicine is for it to be widely accepted and part of our lives.


For people to embrace the other elements other than physical body and physical healing.


We are multi-dimensional beings and so my future hope is for humanity to return to living in harmony with ourselves, the world, the earth, our spirituality which has been disregarded on many fronts as “woo woo”. But the medicine is all encompassing and honouring our forefront leaders – the indigenous cultures. We need to apply the lost / forgotten / disregarded knowledge and wisdom to our lives to bring forth a healed world.

What does it mean to you to be a finalist for this award?

I am so honoured that my clients have felt such change that they nominated me.


The more people practitioners can help the better. If this enables me to gain more credibility to attract more people to my clinic (or even other practitioners’ clinics), retreats etc then I will smile from ear to ear.


It’s nice to be recognised for my endeavours. But the desire to see a better world is more important, so I hope it leads to that! Here’s hoping.