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Brittany Darling, Nutritionist and Herbalist, Whole Food Healing | NSW

Chosen accredited natural medicine practice:

Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicine

What drew you to focus on this type of Natural medicine:

I struggled with IBS and gut issues in my teen years and early 20’s. After my mum took me to a naturopath (after many other medical specialists), I experienced first-hand the power of natural medicine. Literally from that day forward, I knew I wanted a career in natural medicine.

Has this always been your focus, or did you originally focus on another area of natural medicine / work in a different industry?

Nutrition was always my focus and something I was interested in. I did also have a 10-year career as a fashion model! It did help pay for my nutrition degree, so that was a bonus!

What is your motivation to deliver this type of care for your clients?

Nutrition is my biggest passion and herbal medicine is what I use when I have to bring out the big guns! Why I’m so passionate about nutrition is that it is so doable and enjoyable. Nothing gives me more pleasure than talking about food all day! I love giving clients the guidance and inspiration they need to eat themselves to good health and fertility.

How does your type of natural medicine support your clients in reaching their health goals?

I see nutrition as the building blocks of every cell in our body and good health. Western herbal medicine (my herb babies) enables me to realign and support clients back to health faster than using nutrition alone.

How is the perception of natural medicine changing in Australia?

It’s certainly becoming more widely accepted. It was only a few years ago that a client of mine told me her specialist tore up a communication letter from me in front of her! Now I work collaboratively with medical doctors and I feel there is less push back. The fact that the medical world is now acknowledging what we have known about the gut microbiome for years! I remember so clearly from ACNT, one of my lectures saying, “if you don’t know where to start, start with the gut”. Now there is evidence for everything naturopathy has understood for decades!

Why are you passionate about your type of natural medicine?

It’s something that has helped me personally, my clients and of course my children, I have a child on the autism spectrum, and we have really leaned into natural medicine to support him alongside allied health support. I even started my own children’s supplement company to support him!

What are some of the ways you advocate for the natural therapies industry?

Recently I became an ambassador alongside Leah Hechtman and Dr Dani Susic for Mother’s Babies, a charity raising awareness about the importance of microbiome health for the future health of our children.


I am also an expert contributor for Autism Awareness Australia and Autism: What Next?  regularly writing for them about complementary medicine. Interestingly a topic they admit to having avoided for many years is because of the controversy.

What does the future of natural medicine look like to you?

Medicare rebates would be nice! Ha Ha but seriously, it would be nice for natural medicine to be available to everyone not just those who can afford it. I’d like to see nutrition being used as preventative medicine and education at the public health level.

What does it mean to you to be a finalist for this award?

It’s a huge honour to be named a finalist. Honestly as a working mum, my career at time has felt like one step forward and two steps back.


I really couldn’t have got to where I am today without my incredible mentors, Anthia Koullouros and Angela Hywood. Both women I still look up to today for their passion for natural medicine and the incredible brands and clinics they have built.


I wouldn’t be able to get the results I am in clinic without the research and education that Rachel Arthur, Leah Hechtman and Rhiannon Hardingham have presented either.


I’m thrilled to be named as a finalist for Practitioner of the year but I wouldn’t be where I am today without all these ladies.