Traditional Thai Massage


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Thai Massage has been practised for over 2,500 years and uses a blend of techniques to achieve a state of deep relaxation in the body, mind and spirit. Thai Massage is an authentic healing art, a unique form of body therapy developed as a therapeutic method of healing to treat illnesses and to maintain health and well-being.It is performed on a client who is fully clothed and lying on a floor mat. During a session, a practitioner guides the client through a series of passive stretches, using their hands, forearms, elbows, knees, and feet to compress and palpate the muscles of the body. Rhythmic rocking and pressure point techniques are used throughout the treatment to restore energy and bring the client to a state of relaxation. It is the combination of energetic and physical techniques that makes Thai Massage unique and so effective. Thai Massage is a full-body treatment, starting at the feet and progressing up to the head.

Physical benefits of Thai Massage include:

    • Increased blood circulation
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Muscle relaxation, increase flexibility and mobility
    • Improvement in posture and balance
    • Improved athletic performance
    • Relief from arthritic pain/backpain
    • Improved body tone, strengthen joints, including chronic joint problems
    • Illness prevention