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The Journal of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (JATMS) is a peer reviewed, long-standing and trusted practitioner publication that has the unique ability to reach the highest number of natural medicine practitioners nationally. We source the most trusted and progressive research in the area of natural medicine and our journal is widely known and respected in the industry. The JATMS is released quarterly in March, June, September and December. Each publication focuses on specific modalities and themes to ensure all of our members are represented, and that our advertisers have the opportunity to choose the editions that are most relevant for their products and services.


The Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

The Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) is the largest national professional association of natural medicine practitioners, representing approximately 11,500 accredited practitioners throughout Australia.The Mission of ATMS is to promote, represent and support professional practitioners of natural medicine occupations who are encouraged to pursue the highest ideals of professionalism in their natural medicine practice and education.

We are a multi-disciplinary association with a wide range of modalities including:

  • Massage and other Bodywork Therapies (60%)
  • Ingestive Therapies (38%)
  • Counselling/other Therapies (2%). 

The importance of natural medicine in Australia is growing rapidly as the public look to take more control of their health and search for more wholistic approaches to their health and well-being.

2019 Advertising Rates for Members

Advertising for non-members attracts a 25% loading



 4 x issues

Double page  $3,750     $3,400 per issue
Full page $2,250                          $2,000 per issue
½ page $1,200 $1,050 per issue
1/3rd page $900 $800 per issue
¼ page $700 $650 per issue
1/8th page $400 $375 per issue


Premium cover position loading

Outside back cover – 15%
Inside front cover – 10%
Inside back cover – 5%
GST not included.


Editorial & Ad Deadline: 23/02
To Print: 07/03
Circulated: 19/03


Editorial & Ad Deadline: 25/05
To Print: 06/06
Circulated: 18/06


Editorial & Ad Deadline: 24/08
To Print: 05/09
Circulated: 17/09


Editorial & Ad Deadline: 09/11
To Print: 21/11
Circulated: 03/12

Preferred Positions

Preferred positions are offered subject to availability and incur the following loading: Inside front cover: 10% Inside back cover: 5% Outside back cover: 15% *GST not included.

Bulk Booking Discount

Bookings of four or more editions receive a discount. (Note: Advertisers are required to make up the full cost of a discounted published advertisement on cancellation of any of their remaining bookings)


Cancelling advertisements after the booking deadline incurs a cancellation fee of 100% of the fee charged by JATMS for the advertisment.

Submitting Advertisements

All advertisements must be submitted directly to Yuri Mamistvalov at While all reasonable care is taken, the Journal does not accept any responsibility for the final quality of a published advertisement. The onus is on advertisers to provide high quality artwork in accordance with these specifications.