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Homoeopathy Advanced Diploma back in Australia

Collaborations between ATMS and Switch on Health ensures the survival of Homoeopathy

The removal of Homoeopathy from the Health Training Package, coupled with the findings of the NHMRC report, meant that since 2016, there have been no opportunities left for those wishing to study Homoeopathy in Australia. 


Homoeopathy can be used for a wide array of physical symptoms, as well as enhancing mental and emotional wellbeing. Furthermore, homoeopathic remedies are highly cost-effective and do not require the consumption of tablets or supplements. This makes it affordable and accessible anywhere in the world. 


With no Health Training Package qualifications, or universities offering a Bachelor of Homoeopathy, the only opportunities to study were overseas.  With very few entrants into the profession, and existing practitioners beginning to retire, the opportunity to be treated using Homoeopathy in Australia would dwindle and quite possibly reach near extinction. 


The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS) have always maintained strict education standards for Homoeopathy qualifications, as well as their other 20+ modalities. This form of regulation helps to ensure practitioners are suitably trained and qualified.


Switch on Health have now developed their Advanced Diploma of Homoeopathic Practice, which has been accredited by ATMS. This means that those wishing to study Homoeopathy, including existing practitioners who wish to upgrade and add another modality, once again have the opportunity to do so.


ATMS recognises Switch on Health, and high standards reflected in their Advanced Diploma of Homoeopathic Practice.


Together, Switch on Health and ATMS will ensure that Australians continue to have access to appropriately trained and qualified Homoeopaths to assist with their health and wellbeing. 


To find out more about the Homoeopathy qualification, as well as the other courses offered by Switch on Health, please visit the Switch on Health website, or contact them directly: / 07 3911 1860. 


For more about ATMS accredited colleges visit: