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Why do I need to send you my insurance policy and First Aid Certificate when I renew them?

All health funds require a provider to hold the following;

1. Current professional Indemnity Insurance with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000
2. Current Senior First Aid. The certificate must be valid for 3 years and be Workcover approved. Please note: CPR certificates are NOT accepted as Senior First Aid
3. Exemptions for First Aid certificates are available for Registered Nurses, Medical Doctors and paramedics. However, you will still need to send in your current registration certificate. If you do not hold a current registration certificate then you will need to hold a current Senior First Aid.

ATMS is audited by the health funds every year. Your policy/certificate MUST be on file or the health fund can demand we remove your details as an approved provider.

How do I update my details with ATMS

You can update your details in several ways.

1. Call the office on 1800 456 855
2. Send an email to
3. Send a fax to 02 9808 7570
4. Update your details on the website once logged into the members only section.

How do I upgrade from Student to Accredited?

Once you have completed your qualification you need to send in a certified copy of your qualification along with the upgrade fee. Please contact the office on 1800 456 855 for the price as it does vary on when you upgrade.

How many CPE points do I need each year?

Accredited members need to have completed 20 CPE points per year. Information on how to achieve these points can be found on the CPE Diary which can be downloaded from here.

What do I need to have on my receipt?

For health funds to accept a receipt it must be on professional receipt or computer generated receipt. If you are not using a computer generated receipt then you must have the following details made into a stamp to be stamped onto your receipt.

Business Name: if applicable
Clinic address: please note that Po Box’s will not be acceptable.
Clinic Phone No:
ABN No: if applicable
Provider No: we recommend you leave this area blank to hand write the #

I have changed my name. What do I need to do?

The office will need to have proof of your legal change of name before we can proceed with the change. Please forward certified copies of the name change documents to the office. Some examples are:

* If you have married then a certified copy of the marriage certificate would be required.
* If you are separated/divorced and you wish to go back to your maiden name then a certified copy of your birth certificate would be required.
* If you change your name by deed poll a certified copy of the papers would be required.

When you name is changed we will issue you with new paperwork showing the new name. This will include a membership summary as well as a new membership certificate.

It is very important that if you change your name with us you also must change your name on your stationary. If you are registered with any health fund we will submit your new name. If you continue to practice under the old name your clients will find their claims are rejected.

If you have a hyphenated surname and you wish to drop one of the names please just put this in writing and send to the office. Again, also make those changes on your stationary.

My client has had their claim rejected. What do I do?

Check with your client that their fund package has coverage for your modality.

Check your receipt. Funds require the receipt to be either stamped or computer generated. Have you put your ATMS number and provider number on the receipt?

If all seems to be in order your end then call ATMS to check on your status. We do not recommend you call the fund.

I have heard that First Aid Certificates are extended for 3 months past their expiry date. Is this correct?

No. All First Aid Certificates have an expiry date on the actual certificate. This is the date the health funds take as the expiry date. ATMS sends out a reminder a minimum of 3 calendar months before a First Aid certificate is due to expire. It is the members’ responsibility to check on when a First Aid is due to expire. If you live in a remote location it is strongly advised you begin to look at renewing your certificate up to 6 months prior as remote locations generally do not have very many dates available.

What is a Health Training Package?

All Health Training Package (HLT) qualifications must be delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). You will see this symbol on your qualification if your college was registered as a RTO at the time of your course:
However not all qualifications issued by an RTO will be a Health training Package qualification. In addition to the above symbol, your qualification will also need to show the relevant Health Training Package Code. The codes are:

Naturopathy: Advanced Diploma HLT60502 or HLT60507
Herbal Medicine: Advanced Diploma HLT60102 or HLT60107
Nutrition: Advanced Diploma HLT61007
Homoeopathy: Advanced Diploma HLT60602 or HLT60607
Remedial Massage: HLT50302 or HLT50307
Shiatsu: Diploma HLT50202 or HLT50207
Chinese Massage: HLT50102 or HLT50107
Kinesiology: Diploma HLT51507
Aromatherapy: Diploma HLT51407
Reflexology: HLT51707
Sports Therapies: Diploma HLT50403 or HLT50406

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine do not have Health Training Package codes, so the qualification need only show it is an Advanced Diploma Acupuncture with the RTO symbol, or an Advanced Diploma Chinese Herbal Medicine with the RTO symbol.

A Bachelor of Acupuncture or a Bachelor of Chinese Herbal Medicine awarded by an Australian Uni will also be accepted.

Health Training packages were not available when I studied. Why can’t my clinic experience be used?

The health funds set their own criteria for eligibility. They are constantly reviewing their standards and will regularly update their criteria to fall into line with current accepted minimum requirements. If a member applies and is accepted by a fund they will generally not have to meet the new criteria whilst they keep their provider status active. This is achieved by maintaining membership with ATMS, having both current professional indemnity insurance and senior level first aid on file with ATMS and completing the CPE requirement each year.

If you apply as a provider with qualifications that are not in line with current standards you will not be eligible unless you upgrade to the current standard. In these circumstances the funds require the formal health training package qualification. They do not assess or accept clinical experience . There are very limited exceptions to this rule. If you are moving from one Association to ATMS and can prove continual membership with the first Association while maintaining continual insurance, first aid and CPE with them, the fund in question will generally allow you to stay a registered provider. However, if there has been a gap of more than 6 weeks the fund may reject your application and you will need to upgrade.


Public Q&A

How Do I Join ATMS

Membership application forms are available on our website. To access all application forms and information regarding membership with ATMS please click here.

I have not completed an ATMS Accredited Course – Can I still apply?

Yes you can apply for Accredited membership without having completed an ATMS Accredited Course. However, we will need additional information from you so we can assess you correctly. Information is contained within the ATMS Accredited membership application form. See page 4 & 5.

How do I know my practitioner is properly qualified?

A very important question. The answer is simple, ASK.
A practitioner who is a member of a registered association has had their qualifications assessed as meeting association requirements, and is subject to that associations Code of Conduct. You can see the ATMS Code of Conduct here.

Can I claim a rebate from my practitioner?

This will depend on a number of factors. Firstly, check with your health fund. Does your policy cover natural therapies, and more importantly the therapy you wish to use.

Once you have established you can claim ask your practitioner if they are a registered provider with your health fund. If they are then you should be able to claim a rebate.

Some important things to remember. If you put in a claim and it is rejected you need to contact your practitioner.Generally, it is timing issue where information between the association and the health fund can become delayed. The majority of the time it can be rectified with a simple phone call. Your practitioner will call their association and sort out the matter. Please do not just assume that the practitioner is not registered. Your practitioner will be happy you have called and will want to rectify the situation for you as a respected client.

Can you recommend a practitioner to me?

Yes we can. You have several ways of finding an ATMS Registered Practitioner.

You can call the office during business hours on 1800 456 855
You can look in the Find a practitioner section of our website. Click here to be redirected

You can download the latest copy of the ATMS Practitioner listing for your state. Click here to be redirected.

I would like to study Natural Therapies. Where can I study?

You can find a comprehensive list of colleges listed on our website. All colleges listed here are accredited with ATMS. However, not all courses delivered by the college may be accredited with ATMS. Once you have decided on which field you would like to study please check with your college or our office on 1800 456 855 to see if that particular course is accredited.

What are the benefits of being an ATMS member?

ATMS prides itself on being the largest Natural Therapies Association in Australia. We are a multi modality association, with 27 different modalities listed. Further information can be obtained by going to Benefits of being an ATMS member..