Conceiving Naturally using Homeopathic Fertility Treatment By Melissa Kupsch

For many couples experiencing infertility issues today, homeopathy is a system of medicine which has fast become their natural treatment of choice. Since homeopathy began in 1790, founded by a German medical doctor named Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy has grown to become the second largest system of medicine practiced in the world, according to the World Health Organisation.


Homeopathy has always been very popular among the rich and famous, especially in the era when aristocrats were influencers. Even today the British Royal Family have their own private homeopathic physician, as they have done for five generations. Homeopathic hospitals and clinics have also been a great success for the general public, especially during epidemics. Homeopathic remedies work by stimulating the body to produce healing changes within itself, in response to a prescribed medicine taken in an optimum dose. In the specialised sector of infertility, homeopathy is showing highly significant positive clinical results and internationally published research findings to proclaim this success.


Often couples with fertility challenges do not present as simple cases. Many couples present having completed multiple rounds of unsuccessful assisted reproductive technology, such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and intra uterine insemination (IUI). Recurrent miscarriages, endometriosis, poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), amenorrhea and anovulation, as well as the enormity of the grief that so many couples experience, are all obstacles that are commonly overcome with my treatment to achieve healthy pregnancies.


The results from homeopathic fertility treatments are generally rapid. It is also common for a woman’s cycle to change within weeks of commencing the protocol. Here are some examples: a woman who has an irregular cycle will typically achieve a near 28-day cycle; a woman who previously had no cervical mucous will notice a great increase as she approaches ovulation, along with a boost in her libido. These show that estrogen levels are peaking correctly and eggs are being released. Some women notice that their PMS disappears, premenstrual bloating diminishes and cramps lessen. These are all signs that their body is now regulating their own hormones correctly.


There are numerous factors which contribute to today’s high rates of infertile couples. One major issue for women is that after years of taking the oral contraceptive pill (OCP), ovulation and the normal changes in hormones that are to be expected, are not resuming. This issue can show up as poor quality cervical mucus, a luteal phase defect, or simply low progesterone among other hormone imbalances. Even lifestyle factors, like a high inflammatory diet and trying to conceive at a later age, are also factors contributing to the increased difficulty in falling and staying pregnant.


I am finding that men’s health issues also make up a significant percentage of my infertility cases. Not only have homeopathic medicines been used to stimulate higher sperm count production, better sperm motility and morphology, but these medicines can also help in the area of problematic sexual performance. The stress of infertility can potentially be destructive for even the strongest of relationships. A great proportion of the men coming to my clinic experience sexual anticipatory anxiety, which can affect erectile function and ejaculation. Constitutionally prescribed homeopathic medicines are particularly useful in this situation. With some clients, when reassured that sexual dysfunction is very common and not a reflection of their relationship, this is enough to help the couple relax and enjoy the process a little bit more. One of the best ways to show progress from homeopathic treatment in males is by having a sperm analysis done after three months in the program.


As homeopaths, we believe the body has a vital force, which is an innate wisdom that has the role of trying to maintain our good health. You can see how intelligent the body is when you consider this: when you eventually do fall pregnant, your body is going to help create a tiny little baby, with no further conscious effort by you. Your body will assist putting together your baby’s arms, legs, heart and brain, right down to their little eyelashes. Your body is both extremely capable and wise. However, in this modern era you can easily push your body out of its energetic alignment, such as occurs under stress when your body does not prioritise reproduction. Homeopathy is an incredible system of medicine that can help bring the body back into its true alignment, allowing many couples to conceive naturally.


I cannot begin to tell you how many patients I have treated who have conceived naturally, after being told that this would never happen. The truth is, given the right conditions, your body has an extraordinary capacity to heal itself. Homeopathy is a low risk and fast acting natural treatment which can bring about remarkable results.


About the Author

Melissa Kupsch

Melissa is a qualified Homeopathic Practitioner with a keen interest in women’s health and natural fertility. She is passionate about advancing public awareness of natural therapies that can bring remarkable clinical success. Having graduated from the Endeavour College of Natural Health in 2015, Melissa has completed her  Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Homeopathy, with a university in London. Melissa is backed with a wealth of knowledge and experience to help her clients address their health concerns to boost their fertility and achieve a healthy pregnancy.

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