Performance in Health Wellbeing Clinic

Tanya Edwards, Founder, Naturopath and Practice Manager

Tell us a little about your natural medicine clinic and the services you offer:

The purpose of Performance in Health Wellbeing Clinic is to provide holistic health support to individuals in the local community and beyond.  What this means is that a focus on a person’s physical health and mental health is front of mind and always considered.


From a products and services viewpoint, this incorporates the following:


Naturopathic services: which focus on nutrition & lifestyle coaching, herbal medicine and natural supplements to support acute and chronic health conditions including mental health. We provide detailed treatment suggestion plans to clients to help them take control of their health and an educational website is available to assist the community to better their health and wellbeing.


Mental Health Support: The clinic offers specific psychology and mental health social work support. We have specialised practitioners with expertise in grief & bereavement, dealing with chronic physical illness, workplace wellbeing & coaching and couples & family therapy.


As a team, we also work collaboratively with other health practices in the local community and surrounding suburbs such as medical practices to ensure professional end to end support for our clients and refer regularly to ensure a professional “duty of care”.


Our clients often find that combining naturopathic support with mental health support gives them the tools to improve their health in a more wholistic way.


In addition, the clinic also offers a range of products in the small retail shop to clients and local communities.  Products have been carefully selected to support local businesses and to provide high quality, non-toxic and environmentally sustainable options. They include organic therapeutic teas, toxin free skincare and perfumes, organic essential oils.

When and why did you start your clinic?

Why I started my clinic is a long story.  Having worked in the corporate world for many years including the investment industry and building my own HR Career advisory firm where I supported senior executives in career decisions, I saw first-hand the impact that work and lifestyle had on people’s physical and mental health.


After studying an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and then a Bachelor of Health Science as a mature age student, I found a beautiful space in Stanmore village which I could make a sanctuary for physical and mental healing.  I wanted it close to my home so that my physical and mental wellbeing was also as I wanted it to be.


My vision of supporting both mind and body in the one clinic for wholistic health was always front of mind for how my clinic would evolve. Both mind and body are intrinsically linked I believe when aiming for optimal health and so my passion in providing this support to the community manifested in the clinic that stands today.


Mental health practitioners with warmth and experience in working wholistically were invited to call Performance in Health their work home and it is a beautiful team for supporting our clients which we often share.


When the clinic started is where the story gets interesting.  I was about to launch my newly designed clinic when the first Covid lockdown struck in early 2020. With many businesses in the village concerned that our little clinic wouldn’t make it, we focussed on high level support.  With the mental health impacts of lockdown at an all-time high, the clinic was provided with a consistent referral network from doctors and other allied health professionals.


As naturopath and Practice Manager I took a proactive role in letting the local suburbs know we were here to help, and our clinic not only survived the lockdown, but we have a solid client base now.

What motivated you to practice your chosen field of natural medicine? Why are you so passionate about it?

Personally, I had digestive issues, food intolerances, autoimmune thyroid disease and came from a family where mental health issues were prevalent. Working on my health for many years created my passion for natural medicine.  The difference for me was life changing.


This was combined with what I experienced first-hand when working with senior executives especially women juggling families with career goals and the impact that stress had on health. I also had a dear friend take his own life after his physical health then impacted his mental health.


I guess it was the trifecta of these three powerful life circumstances that drove my passion for natural medicine as a powerful tool in supporting optimal wellbeing for people.

What is your vision and mission for your clinic?

My vision has never changed for the mission of the clinic.  We are predominantly a community-based face to face business however our reach does extend mainly to NSW where we offer support via telehealth.


Our vision and mission however is for Performance in Health to evolve its education arm further. Our team has experience in health and wellbeing that could be packaged up to assist employees of companies as part of their “wellness” KPI’s. The Performance in health team is well positioned to offer well-rounded support to employees in the form of mental health and naturopathy (nutrition, lifestyle and stress management).


We have already started working with HR Directors of large firms in Sydney and have been invited to support employees with regular lunch and learns.

How does your type of natural medicine benefit your clients?

Naturopathy to me is a beautiful form of natural medicine. It incorporates so many aspects of health. I work closely and collaboratively with GP’s and modern medicine specialists however I support healing via lifestyle recommendations, nutritional strategies, herbal medicine and supplements and referrals to mental health professionals to give them tools for change.

What are your plans for the future of your clinic?

To continue with giving the highest level of support and commitment to each and every client who enters our clinic so that we add value to the community and make a difference in people’s health and happiness.


For us it is about working smarter with processes so that we can keep up to date with our education whilst always having the time to give the highest level of support to our clients and the community. This is a win for us and a win for our clients.

How does your clinic connect and engage with your local community?

It was always a KPI of Performance in Health to support the local community.  This has manifested in several ways. As an example, the Organic Teas we sell are provided by local Stanmore Group ‘Organic Merchant’ and skincare products and perfumes have been sourced from local Marrickville business ‘Vanessa Megan’. Our candles are sourced from local Stanmore business ‘Shimar & Co’.


I have also run several giveaways to the local community. My last giveaway was a $450 wellbeing package where locals nominated a family member or close friend in the area that would benefit from 1 initial naturopathic consultation, 1 follow up consultation and $150 worth of herbs and supplements. I ended up deciding on two winners as some of the stories of hardship during lockdown made it impossible to decide.


Flowers for the clinic are bought from local florist in Annandale Jodie McGregor and we buy our coffees from the cafe next door.


We engage with the local community through education and share education pieces and website blogs with many local Facebook groups. Our education lunch and learns for corporate firms are also around education. Our clinic supports local allied health professionals and other natural medicine suppliers as part of our commitment to clients and our business community.

What are some of the ways you advocate for the natural therapies industry?

As my dual role as naturopath and Practice Manager, I have spent many hours developing relationships with medical practices and other allied health businesses in our local area so that we can work together as a team on behalf of clients. GP’s now regularly courier or email me blood test results, refer clients to myself and psychologists/social workers and embrace the “health team focus” that I have worked hard to initiate.


I have made it my mission that as a naturopath, natural medicine is an important part of a person’s health team. Working respectfully and collaboratively with allied health is a big part of that. There is a place for us all and education is the most important part of this success.


My lunch and learns with corporate firms also educate leaders and staff alike as to the benefit that natural therapies have in the overall performance of people’s health and that it should always be considered.

In your opinion, what does the future of natural medicine look like?

I personally feel that it will go from strength to strength.  Covid has been an eye opener for many I think. Health not riches, has become front of mind and I am confident that the passion within the community for natural ways of healing will go from strength to strength.

What does it mean to you to be a finalist for this award?

I cannot remember a time in my life where such an acknowledgement meant so much. The journey for my clinic has been quite a challenge to say the least. With the grand opening planned for a week after COVID lockdown first hit, there were many that believed our clinic would not make it through the challenges ahead. Not me though.


Sailing through the last 18 months was often greeted with rough seas and scary moments. The journey taught me many lessons and was even more meaningful when clients came forward to write in for this award about the clinic.


To be chosen by ATMS as a finalist for Clinic of the Year 2021 is a feeling that is hard to explain. To work so hard and for judges to see this is something I am incredibly grateful for. Simply being a finalist is winning to me. For me, this is a heart-warming experience whilst also reconfirming to our clinic that when you stay true to your vision and focus on superior client service, success comes.