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Maternal Instincts Massage

Angela Delauney, Founder

Tell us a little about your natural medicine clinic and the services you offer:

Maternal Instincts Massage is a prenatal and postnatal massage therapy service, that truly understands specific treatments that expectant and new mothers need. Our prenatal massage is our most popular treatment due to our level of qualifications allowing for safe treatment at any stage of pregnancy. Our tables were custom designed and built to support our clients growing “bump”. The tables allow clients to lay safely and comfortably in any position.


We combine relaxation and remedial techniques to give relief from many conditions associated with pregnancy including back pain, sciatic pain, carpal tunnel, headaches, leg cramps and swelling. Our postnatal treatments help to give relief to neck and shoulder tension that develops from feeding (breast or bottle) as well as back pain from the delivery or from the extra sitting to feed and the bending association with newborns.


Babies are always welcome at these treatments and feeding / skin to skin time can be included.


We also use the perfect combination of remedial message relaxation, essential oils, castor oil packs and acupressure to stimulate the body’s natural progression into labour in our induction massages. Another very popular treatment!

When and why did you start your clinic?

Angela has been working as a Remedial Massage Therapist focusing on pregnancy for almost 10 years. Her passion has been to support these women and give them a safe environment to be able to unburden themselves physically and mentally. After working for other people, it was time to start her own clinic and in 2019 she decided to find her own space and continue her work helping women. The clinic quickly grew and a new premises was needed. Staff were hired who care as much for these clients as Angela does and now there are four therapists working seven days a week to make sure no one missed out on our sought-after services.

What motivated you to practice your chosen field of natural medicine? Why are you so passionate about it?

Angela has always had a passion for women’s health and wellbeing but after burning out in the corporate world she realised she needed to make her passion her career. While studying massage she discovered that pregnant women were being discouraged and turned away from massage due to a lack of training and understanding. Seeing women with a desperate need being turned away for no good reason strongly motivated Angela to change the direction of her studies to make sure these women didn’t miss out.


After working in the massage industry for a few years she noticed the same thing happening to cancer patients and was disappointed for these people also. Angela then completed Level 1 and 2 OMT so she can safely treat oncology clients as well. It’s her mission to make sure no one misses out on such an essential service as massage.

What is your vision and mission for your clinic?

To be a pillar in the community for providing better wellbeing for all women.


To allow a woman’s journey to be a more comfortable, pain free and restoring one.

How does your type of natural medicine benefit your clients?

Remedial Massage allows our clients to live each day with less pain or no pain at all as well as optimising their mental health. We give our clients the time and space they need for restoration.

What are your plans for the future of your clinic?

We have clients coming from all over Sydney to enjoy our treatments and we’d love for them not to have to travel so far. It’s our dream to open two more clinics to make it easier for our services to be accessed.

How does your clinic connect and engage with your local community?

We engage with other local businesses to allow our clients to connect with other services they may need. For example, we collaborate with a local busines called Mother Space that offers yoga, doula support and a podcast. We want to educate women of the services that are out there to support them.

What are some of the ways you advocate for the natural therapies industry?

Maternal Instincts Massage loves working alongside other natural therapies. We work alongside multiple acupuncture and Chinese Medicine facilities near us as well as having a great relationship with some wonderful Chiros, Physios and Osteos. As therapists who are members of ATMS and AMT we try to attend workshops together and promote our attendance on social media. We have our industry association logos on our website, advertised in the clinic and on our social media. And we stock products that have been designed and produced by naturopaths.

In your opinion, what does the future of natural medicine look like?

I see natural medicine as a growing industry. It used to be either western or traditional medicine, the two are successful blending and it is becoming increasingly common for people to combine both elements to improve their wellbeing. With better support from private health insurance and possibly Medicare I can see natural medicine taking over as the mainstream choice for health.

What does it mean to you to be a finalist for this award?

To be named as a finalist for the ATMS Clinic of the Year Awards was the most beautiful surprise. To think that this little space where we could quietly help other mums between looking after our own families has become so important to so many women has been inspiring. And to be recognised for that honour is overwhelming. We are humbled by the fact that by making sure these women are looked after the way they deserve is worthy of your recognition. And to be able to promote natural medicine in a different way as a finalist has been fantastic.


Our clients are proud of us for becoming finalists and so are we! The whole team has lifted in a new way and the timing couldn’t be better after the last couple of years. Knowing we are finalists for such a huge honour has made us not just love the work we do every day but be proud of it too. Thank you so much for the recognition and honour.