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Marianne Fernance, co-founder of SimpleClinic shares her insights around the industry and her role. SimpleClinic are a sponsor of the ATMS special event, The Menopause Symposium.

What is your role at your organisation and how do you support practitioners /or the industry?

I am the co-founder of SimpleClinic, a cloud-based practice management platform. Since our public release, SimpleClinic has changed the way our practitioners’ practice by providing a platform individualised to the unique needs of naturopaths, nutritionists, and herbalists.


Our platform provides all the tools naturopaths, nutritionists, and herbal medicine practitioners need to manage their clinic. Such as: invoicing, appointment booking, dispensing, marketing integrations, prescribing, workshop/event management and more.


Our vision is to provide a single platform that allows practitioners to streamline and automate the workflows within their clinic; a single login to access a complete view of the patient relationship allowing you to consult from anywhere, anytime!

How did you get into your field of expertise and why do you stay?

I started SimpleClinic to automate and streamline my own naturopathic practice. When I started, I was double handling and losing time on admin that could have been put into my patients.

I soon discovered many of my colleagues were experiencing the same frustrations. Even those running electronic systems were finding gaps due to the unique workflows inherit in the naturopathic model.


I stay, because I saw how SimpleClinic revolutionised the way I practice, and I am really passionate about helping other naturopaths building successful and thriving clinics.

What has been the main focus or outcomes of your work over the past year?

Our mission was and always will be to help fellow practitioners streamline, automate, manage and grow their business more efficiently, freeing up their time to do what they love and do best!


The past year has really changed the way we practice and our development efforts have been focussed around enabling that. The restrictions due to COVID have seen many changes to the traditional clinical model. Remote working has accelerated the uptake of electronic records over rooms of filing cabinets. At the same time, lock down, quarantine, and social distancing measures have seen clinics that previously operated face to face moving to online.


This year has also seen us focussing on industry specific integrations with industry leading partners. Some example of this work include:

  • Integration with Evidenced-Based Labs for ordering of blood tests and automated access to results within the SimpleClinic patient record.
  • Collaboration with Vitae Mosaic to allow practitioners to use this functionally orientated approach to treatment directly within the platform.
  • Deeper integration with Ariya to allow prescriptions to be directly sent to their patients.
  • Support for label printing to allow custom labels for supplements, compounded nutritional formulas, and liquid herbal formulations.
  • Upcoming integration with Naturopathic Yoga to allow practitioners to easily prescribe custom movement to their patients.

How has your field changed in the past 5 years? What new areas are emerging?

The last five years has seen a lot of change in technology that has had an amazing impact in the way practitioners run their businesses. I just want to mention two of the biggest.


Firstly, the pervasiveness of technology means practitioners no longer accept being forced into a traditional clinical setting. Now more than ever practitioners have the flexibility to work from multiple clinics, or work from home, we have even seen practitioners working while travelling full time! This has driven the demand for electronic records and online access to patient information.


Secondly, the ease of marketing via the internet, whether it be Facebook, website or electronic newsletters, all have removed the geographic barriers. Patients no longer come from the same geographic area but interstate and internationally. This has driven the need for robust telehealth capability and a tight integration with the booking system.

What do you predict will happen in the next 5 to 10 years in your particular field?

The next 5 – 10 years looks to be really exciting from a technology perspective. While I cannot predict for a certainty what the future holds there’s two major areas we’ve been working on.


  • Increasing research and development in the consumer health device market means all kinds of new devices and technologies are open to consumers that were not available before. The potential to give practitioners access to the deeper, real time information, these provide about patients health is really exciting.
  • Machine learning offers great potential to help predict how patients will respond to different treatments.

What is the one-way you believe natural medicine practitioners, can make a difference for their clients?

Providing a consistent client experience through systems and processes. This begins right at the time of booking, whether it’s on the phone or through online booking. A client should feel confident in their decision with the tools and information provided to them by the practitioner. This carries right through to areas such as case taking, prescribing, dispensing and invoicing.

Fun Fact for the Readers: Tell us who inspires you / or who your professional idol is and why?

Walt Disney himself inspires me. He went through so much to make it and could have given up so many times, but he always kept working towards his dream! Never stop chasing your dreams!


“See a need, fill a need” – (Robots, 2005) and this is exactly why SimpleClinic came to fruition. There was a need in the natural medicine industry that was not being filled and I personally have experienced the frustrations of trying to streamline my processes in clinic.

SimpleClinic are a sponsor of the Menopause Symposium