Sponsor Spotlight Questions


What is your role at your organisation and how do you support practitioners /or the industry?

I’m the Director of Pure Health Solutions and also a Chiropractor and Director of Pure Health Chiropractic. I give seminars to practitioners on biochemistry and using kinesiology test kits to help their patients. We provide a range of products that include pure liquid activated vitamins and ionic minerals, homoeopathic NET remedies and kinesiology test kits that cover a diverse range of areas.


How did you get into your area of expertise and why do you stay?

My background is Biochemistry and Pharmacology, which is the science part, however I am a very hands on person and I love to support other practitioners and my patients to be the best they can be.


What has been the main focus or outcomes of your brands’ work over the past year?

To help strengthen the immune system of the product users.


How has your field changed in the past 5 years? What new areas are emerging?

There are now more avenues available to support the body and to work holistically, than ever before. We are seeing a lot more focus on the emotional-mind-body connection. It is an exciting and challenging time!


What do you predict will happen in the next 5 to 10 years in your brand’s particular field(s) of expertise?

There will be greater benefits of clean liquid vitamins and minerals which are easily absorbed for those patients with digestive issues and intolerances.


What is the one-way you believe natural medicine practitioners can make a difference for their clients?

Natural medicine practitioners play a vital role in encouraging their patients to follow their intuition and make healthy natural choices, for themselves and their children


Fun fact for the readers: Tell us who inspires you/or who your professional idol is and why?

Dr Zac Bush, who is an educator and thought leader who firmly believes that in order for us to thrive as a species we need to promote healthy soil and water ecosystems. To move away from chemicals and to provide a framework for farmers and consumers to work with big business for a healthy future.