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1. What is your role at your organisation and how do you support practitioners /or the industry?


2. How did you get into your area of expertise and why do you stay?

Electrical/Electronics engineer

3. What has been the main focus or outcomes of your work over the past year?

Design new Digital iridology camera

4. How has your field changed in the past 5 years? What new areas are emerging?

Practitioners are looking for portable and easy to use cameras

5. What do you predict will happen in the next 5 to 10 years in your particular field?

Electronics will keep advancing

6. What is the one-way you believe natural medicine practitioners, can make a difference for their clients?

By having leaders that can take on Governments and drug companies

7. Fun Fact for the Readers: Tell us who inspires you / or who your professional idol is and why?

People like Shook (herbalist in late 40s) that can take on “doctors” and drug companies with proof and technical information that natural remedies should be used first when symptoms appear.

We are fed-up with “When pain persist see your doctor” and instead of DO NO HARM the statement now is “this is quite safe only a few people die from this treatment”


When medical doctors were loosing clients to homeopathic practitioners they formed the AMA, pushed Governments and aligned with drug companies; maybe naturopath and herbalist should be more aggressive in taking back their original territory.