Michelle Vassallo


How did you get into your area of expertise and why do you stay?

I first came across ‘Research’ as part of my remedial massage diploma and loved it so much – finding out the why and how of why things worked in the treatment room. The issue we all had was understanding what made a research paper worth our while to read and how to use in our work. This is what led me to develop a webinar on ‘Research Literacy’ – to help other bodyworkers work out why research is important to our profession and how to make sure that what they choose to read is worth their time.

What has been the main focus or outcomes of your research/work over the past year?

Educating bodyworkers is my passion. Helping people unlock the key to their own knowledge doors and unleash their potential in what interests them is the whole reason that my business of teaching exists in the first place.

How has your field changed in the past 5 years? What new areas are emerging?

Our profession is constantly changing and developing as new research and treatment modalities are understood and taught. The field of bodywork is an ever-evolving landscape and most recently therapists have become very interested in their own self-care which is gratifying to witness as ironically bodywork is often a tough profession to stay focused and well within.

What do you predict will happen in the next 5 to 10 years in your particular field?

Clients are becoming more aware of what bodywork can do for them and are also becoming more highly educated in terms of focusing and contributing to their own health and well-being. Bodyworkers have a lot to look forward to as complementary modalities continue to thrive in a world that looks not only to allopathic but also to more holistic ways of facilitating wellness and health.

What is the number one way we, as natural medicine practitioners, can make a difference for our clients?

Educate them.

What’s the questions you get asked the most often in your field, and how do you answer it?

Why is MLD so important?

Because as a therapy it is so profound that if everyone in the world had just one MLD treatment the world would be a significantly healthier and more relaxed place to inhabit.

Fun Fact for the Readers: Tell us who inspires you / or who your professional idol is and why?

I am inspired by every student that I come into contact with because as I teach them, I learn so much as well.

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