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An ATMS Seminar + AGM



Every year ATMS hosts a seminar in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting (AGM). After popular demand the 2019 special event is Accelerate your Practice will be held in Sydney on Sunday 17 November.

ATMS will host six small business presenters (Naturopreneurs, Mentors and Marketeers) to train and empower natural medicine practitioners to improve their businesses. Across two streams, the sessions cover topics on how to attract new clientele and make the most of marketing channels

Practitioners will learn how to:

    1. Set up and develop a website
    2. Promote their practice via Facebook
    3. Use Instagram for business
    4. Build marketing funnels
    5. Use technology for their Practice
    6. Build an e-Course

Whether you’re new to practice or established, or wanting to just develop your marketing skills, this is an event for natural medicine practitioners who want to accelerate their businesses and careers.

Dates and locations:

9am – 4.30pm, Sunday 17 November 2019



ATMS Accredited Member: $75

Non ATMS Practitioner: $195

Why join us in Sydney?

  1. Hear from six expert and experienced speakers on business, technology, marketing and social media
  2. Gain 6 CPE points
  3. Meet and connect with a huge network of your fellow practitioners – share your experiences, learn and build your professional community
  4. Access suppliers and be the first to see new products and services in our industry
  5. Find out more about your membership benefits and the strategic activities ATMS have completed to represent members in Australia at the AGM
  6. Join us for the ATMS Natural Medicine Awards Gala Dinner on Saturday 16, November where we will present the winners of the Practitioner of the Year, Clinic of the Year and Student of the Year

Speaker & Program Highlights:

Build your Practice

Accelerate your Practice

Full Program:

Speakers and sessions:

Elle Harrison (Naturopath, Website Designer & Virtual Assistant)

Session: Setting up a website for clinical practice

Elle is a qualified Naturopath and Herbalist with her own clinic in Gladstone, QLD. After speaking to other practitioners about running the business side of a clinic, she found that there were a lot that struggled with technology and design when it came to websites, advertising, creating programs or growing their following.


Our world has become more and more online, Elle now predominantly helps other practitioners take their visions and needs for their practice online through website designs and other technical support. Elle translates the healer right-brain vision to the technical left-brain outcome with Naturopathic Virtual Assistance.

This session will help you: switch over to the left-side of the brain to learn how and what makes a successful website for practitioners.


Elle will share all of her tips to create your own website, without having to spend thousands of dollars with someone that doesn’t understand your ideal client or what you do. You’ll learn everything from capturing a client’s attention in the first 30 seconds, what website platform to use, how much information and where to put it, layouts, images and the must-haves that every website should have to increase bookings and your following.

Debbie Bradley (Group Account Director at Sydney agency – Zadro)

Session: How to promote your clinic with Facebook

Debbie is a straight-talking no-fluff marketing professional with over 18 years’ experience to her name. Originating from Leeds, in the UK, and now representing Zadro, a boutique Sydney communications agency, Debbie has extensive experience across the full spectrum of marketing channels to target and engage businesses and consumers.


Debbie has led the marketing and PR for ATMS over the past five years and supports a member-first approach. She was integral to the launch of major campaigns such as Natural Medicine Week, the ATMS Natural Medicine Awards, along with key lobbying efforts. Debbie and the team at Zadro have driven huge growth and engagement across the social media channels, especially Facebook increasing the fan base to more than 40,000 followers.

Session overview: Understand how to utilise the tools of Facebook to promote your clinic and reach new clientele. Debbie will start with Facebook basics, showing you how to set up .a business page and build your audience. Learn more about the types of content that work on Facebook to engage your audience, what you should and shouldn’t post, the Facebook algorithm and where you can source content from to make it easy to have great content on your page with minimum effort. Get practical tips on how to utilise and navigate Facebook advertising – know how much to spend, when, who to target and where.

Melanie Geary (Naturopath, Author and Instagram Mentor)

Session: Instagram for your Practice

Melanie Geary is a qualified naturopath holding a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and works successfully both face-to-face and online. With a particular focus on postpartum mental health, she brings both personal experience (having three young daughters herself!) and specialised knowledge to connect with her clients and build strong professional relationships.


Melanie is passionate about assisting other practitioners to maximise their online presence and has overhauled hundreds of Instagram pages, helping practitioners implement cohesive branding, align with their ideal clients, engagement strategies, story creations, and converting online interaction into real clients. She has written the “Instagram Makeover Ebook” which has sold hundreds of copies to healthcare practitioners and believes social media and cohesive engaging branding is the cornerstone of business.


Session overview: From using Instagram to align with your ideal client, turning social interaction into real business, making the most of stories, employing engagement strategies in your posts, unleashing the power of hashtags, algorithms and analytics, to making the best use of your Instagram feed, Melanie will guide you through each step of unlocking Instagram’s untapped resources for your business.

Emily Banks (Naturopath and Entrepreneur)

Session: Building Marketing Funnels for your Practice

Emily Banks, founder of Verve Natural Health and Prac2Pro, is a Naturopath and innovative entrepreneur. When Emily first started consulting, her drive and determination to build a successful practice uncovered a surprising talent; a flair and passion for marketing. In her quest to build streamlined protocols within her Naturopathy business, she developed a clinical and marketing tool which evolved into multi-functional software for allied health practitioners.


Upon graduating, Emily began her career in Technical Support, and went on to practice at several multi-modality clinics across the Sunshine Coast before launching her own clinic, Verve Natural Health, in 2016. In three short years, her one-day-a-week home clinic has grown into a busy multi-modality clinic with five staff. Emily is passionate about increasing the impact and reach of natural health by helping practitioners grow their businesses sustainably and in alignment with their unique values and talents.


Session overview: Emily will discuss the essentials to consider in your marketing funnels, while bringing inspiration and motivation to those who currently don’t have any active marketing or advertising in place.

In this presentation, she will lay out the fundamental concepts of developing effective funnels to draw in new leads, nurture current clients and grow and sustain your client base with trust and integrity. Practitioners will walk away with an understanding of how to market in alignment with your values, and practical ways to integrate funnels into your practice.

Tammy Guest (Naturopath, Business Mentor and Entrepreneur)

Session: Using technology to improve your practice

Business mentor, naturopath, entrepreneur, speaker, author, mother and helicopter pilot just to name a few of her achievements. Tammy is a qualified naturopath with a medical science background, she started as a solo practitioner growing her business to a multi-modality practice; eventually selling it in 2016. Her focus is now taking practitioners on the journey of business-done-differently. She helps break down barriers and issues to creating a business and life that you love.


Session overview: This session will cover how technology can be used, from attracting new clients, getting booked out, systemising your clinic, to creating passive income, moving money and so much more.

Sharing her insights and innovations to save you time, energy and money, Tammy teaches you what your next step is when it comes to using technology in your practice.

Kathryn Hocking (Expert Launch Strategist)

Session: How to build an e-Course

Kathryn is an expert launch strategist and the creator of several wildly successful online programs including the e-Course Launch Formula and Launch Mastery. She has generated over $1 million in online revenue through her leveraged programs and developed a loyal and raving community of soul clients. She has led more than 900 ambitious entrepreneurs through the process of creating and launching their own online products and programs.


Session overview: Kathryn will guide you through the process of creating an e-Course; from coming up with your e-Course idea, to navigating pricing and positioning and the key tools you need to launch and deliver your program.

Kathryn will break the process down into manageable chunks that will leave you with the confidence to finally create and launch that course that’s been on your mind (and in your heart) for years.

Don’t miss out on hearing from these experts to learn how to Accelerate Your Practice.

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