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ATMS National Seminar Series 2019


The ATMS National Seminar Series is back for another year and you can earn 6 CPE points by attending!


In 2019, due to popular demand, ATMS will be bringing practitioners across ingestive, bodywork and massage two roadshows! Watch this space for more information on our two-part National Seminar Series.

Wellness, Weight loss and Women

Our first seminar is Wellness, Weight loss and Women. You can attend this CPE series from March until June 2019, touring Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth


Our presenters, Kira Sutherland and Lara Briden will teach participants about the female reproductive hormones’ influence on nutrition, metabolism and general health.  


In this one-day seminar, Kira and Lara will combine their expertise in sports nutrition and women’s health to bring you unique insights into metabolic challenges such as PCOS and menopause as well as a woman-centered analysis of popular diets such as fasting, vegan, and keto.


Practitioners will be presented with new research and clinical pearls from Kira and Lara’s more than forty years of combined experience and come away with new ways to assess and help women of all ages with their health and weight loss goals.

Dates and locations:

Melbourne: Saturday 23 March – Book Now 


Adelaide: Sunday 24 March – Book Now 


Brisbane: Sunday 26 May – Book Now 


Sydney: Sunday 2 June – Book Now 


Perth: Sunday 9 June – Book Now 

Meet your presenters:

Kira Sutherland is an experienced Nutritionist and Naturopath that specialises in sports nutrition. With over 20 years of clinical practice Kira is passionate about working with athletes of all levels. She is the previous Department Head of Nutritional Medicine at one of Australia’s leading Naturopathic Colleges and has lectured in Natural Medicine for 15+ years both within Australia, Europe and North America. As a health educator, Kira works with: Colleges, conferences, sports teams, athletes, the media and actively mentors other practitioners in sports nutrition. She has a special interest in endurance sports and in her spare time she competes in Ironman triathlon and practices what she preaches.

Lara Briden is a naturopath with twenty years clinical experience and a passionate communicator about women’s health. She’s the author of the popular book Period Repair Manual, now in its second edition. She’s also written dozens of women’s health articles for mainstream media. Lara qualified in 1997 from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She practiced in Canada for five years before moving to Sydney in 2002 and setting up Sensible Alternative Hormone Clinic, where she still practices. Her clinical focus includes polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, perimenopause, endometriosis and coming off hormonal birth control.


ATMS student members and ATMS accredited members receive a $25 discount from the below prices*

Cost:         ATMS Accredited Member:           $245

                  Non ATMS Practitioner:                 $295

                  ATMS Student member:                $190

                  Non ATMS Student:                      $210

Cost includes morning tea and lunch. Cost includes GST.  Please notify ATMS of any food allergies. 

*Early bird closes 8 weeks prior to each event.


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Watch this space for more information on our part 2 National Seminar Series for bodyworkers.