ATMS National Seminar Series 2019

Connective tissue dynamics: from health to disease

The National Seminar Series is back for a second series in 2019! ATMS will be running the seminars from August until November 2019, touring Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Sydney.


Our presenters, Michael Stanborough and Prue Eddie will examine the implications of new developments in the understanding of connective tissue function and structure. Massage therapists and bodyworkers use manual therapy approaches to address muscular and connective tissue tensions and strains in order to have a positive therapeutic effect.

Recent research developments into the relationship of touch and how it affects pain sensitisation and associated neural pathways, shows that cells process localised mechanical stimuli and produce electrical and/or chemical signals as a response, referred to as mechanotransduction.


Michael and Prue will combine their years of expertise to consider the potential role for manual therapists providing appropriately modulated forces that stimulate desirable changes in mechanotransduction and play a role in the prevention and management of chronic illness.


In this one-day seminar, participants will be presented with new research and demonstrations in four modules, each around 90 minutes:


  • Connective tissue in general and fascia in particular: An overview of its functions, structures and how it communicates
  • The movements that make us are the movements that shape us: Examine the mechanical and metabolic relationship of cells from fertilisation onwards
  • How dysfunction in the connective tissue fascia can lead to disease formation: Disturbances to fluid localised ECM forces in conjunction with fluid dynamics and inflammation alter local metabolic activity
  • How do (and should) we as practitioners incorporate this knowledge into clinical practice?: Strong evidence gathered from in vitro studies


The day will consist of both theory and practical learnings, with demonstrations and discussions throughout the day.

Dates and locations:

Gold Coast

Saturday 2 November


Sunday 3 November

Meet your presenters:

Michael Stanborough,

MA, Advanced Rolfer, has taught Myofascial Release at numerous schools, hospitals and clinics across the world. He was the first Australian to be certified as a teacher of Rolfing® by the Rolf Institute and has been practicing that method for over 35 years. Michael is director of SI Australia.

Prue Eddie,

is the Director and principle Osteopath at Koru Natural Therapies in Victoria. Prue has been the Australian Course Co-ordinator for the Australian Research College of Osteopathic Medicine (ARCOM) and is a faculty and board member of the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation of Australia and New Zealand.


Early bird bookings receive a $25 discount from the below prices*


ATMS Accredited Member  – $245

Non ATMS Practitioner – $295

ATMS Student Member – $190

Non ATMS Student – $210


Cost includes morning tea, lunch and GST.  Please notify ATMS of any food allergies. 

*Early bird closes 8 weeks prior to each event.

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