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ATMS launch ‘I’m an Accredited Practitioner’ initiative

ATMS is thrilled to launch a new initiative: ‘I’m an Accredited Practitioner of ATMS’, to recognise our accredited member practitioners, who are pursuing the highest ideals of professionalism in natural medicine.

The new ATMS initiative has been actioned to raise awareness and give credibility for the great work our accredited member practitioners uphold; to help the public identify unqualified sources and to demonstrate the highest standards of practice in natural therapies.


Through regular PR and marketing activities, the initiative will aim to educate the public on the importance of choosing a properly trained and accredited practitioner. One who is a professional member of an Association, that must adhere to a code of conduct, stay up-to-date on their type of therapy and complete regular training in their profession.


The initiative starts with our current members receiving their ‘I’m an ATMS Accredited Practitioner’ promotional pack, which includes stickers and a poster. Members only will receive promotional graphics that can be used across their websites, emails and social media promotions.


Some of our practitioners have already started to display their stickers and posters with pride in their clinics. Check out our Instagram champions @alchimiste8, @catalystclinic, @jmcremedialmassage and @petra4health sharing their accreditation via hashtags #atms and #accreditedpractitioner.

The stickers and this logo are exclusively available to practitioners who have been accredited with ATMS! We recognise the hard work and study that has been part of their journey to become a practitioner and we want the general public to recognise it as well.


We encourage the public to always ask their practitioner to verify their qualifications, and to check they are part of a professional Association.


Look out for the ‘I’m an Accredited Practitioner of ATMS’ stamp of approval next time you visit a natural therapist. Alternatively, you can find an accredited practitioner on the ATMS website by visiting:


Thank you to all our members for being part of our community and for your continuing support.

If you’re a member of ATMS and want to download your ‘I’m an Accredited Practitioner’ logo and promotional materials