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ATMS Announce New Board Positions & Plans For 2023

On Friday 20 January 2023, the ATMS Board convened for their first meeting of the year. It is always a busy day when the Board meet, as they look at the results from the previous quarter and plan for the months ahead. An important part of this meeting was the vote for positions of Board members.


We are pleased to share with ATMS members the results from the vote:


  • Peter Berryman retained Presidency.
  • Christine Pope remained Treasurer.
  • Rebecca Lang and Brad McEwen remained Vice-Presidents.


A significant new project has been approved by the Board – replacement and upgrade of the existing website and cleansing and improving the ATMS member database. This substantial project will be rolled out over the next 18 months and has followed on from an extensive scoping exercise with staff, Board and stakeholders in 2022. The first stage will involve the new website, which will utilise a Word Press platform. The second stage will see a new database integrated; this is a substantial undertaking due to the number of records held by the organisation.


ATMS will also continue to advocate to government, raise awareness of natural medicine and the benefits, and support professional practitioners of natural medicine.

Meet the full ATMS Board

  • Charles Wurf, CEO, ATMS
  • Peter Berryman, President, ATMS
  • Brad McEwen, Vice President, ATMS
  • Rebecca Lang, Vice President, ATMS
  • Christine Pope, Treasurer and Director, ATMS
  • Kathleen Daniel, Independent Director, ATMS
  • Donna Eddy, Director, ATMS
  • Maggie Sands, Director, ATMS
  • Sandra Grace, Director, ATMS
  • Chantel Ryan, Director, ATMS


Learn more about the ATMS Board here.