ATMS announce finalists of the 2022 Natural Medicine Awards

ATMS extends a huge congratulations to all the finalists in our annual Natural Medicine Awards!


Twelve finalists have been selected for Practitioner of the Year, Clinic of the Year and Student of the Year. All nominees demonstrated excellence in their contributions to their professions, industry, and overall commitment to the advancement of the health of the Australian community.


Winners will be announced at the Awards Gala Dinner, on Friday 18 November at Olio Kensington Street.  


Tickets are limited and priority is provided to finalists and their community. Please email if you would like to enquire about purchasing a ticket.


Special thanks to everyone who entered or nominated in the awards. We had an impressive volume of entrants this year, and we applaud the efforts of every single entrant for their contribution to natural medicine in Australia.


We are thrilled to introduce the 2022 finalists for the ATMS Natural Medicine Awards!

Meet your Practitioner of the Year finalists:

Angela Sciberras
The Kineziologist

With over 10 years, and thousands of hours of Palliative Therapeutic Harp bedside experience, Angela’s ability to support clients struggling with stress or trauma of all kinds is highly developed.


Angela provides opportunity to change for those who feel that they have “tried everything” and not improved, taking a co-creative approach focusing on how you can participate in your healing journey to support the work done in clinic, empowering the change, process and outcome. With a Diploma of Clinical Science of Biochemical Therapy, and Certificate in Iridology, Angela combines Kinesiology, Biochemical Facial and Iris Analysis and almost 20 years’ experience seeing patterns in human behaviour and symptomology, to provide a truly balanced and holistic discovery of your body, mind and spirit.

Jayne Sharpham
Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist
Jayne Sharpham Naturopathics

Jayne Sharpham is the owner of Jayne Sharpham Naturopathics. She has a passion for natural health and loves to help clients achieve a greater sense of wellbeing. Jayne has worked in the natural health field for over 19 years as a naturopath and in health food management roles as well as pharmacy. She holds a Bachelor of Health Science, an Advanced Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine.


Living in the Tamworth area, Jayne loves the rural lifestyle and is proud to be helping those with their natural health care needs in this area.


Jayne loves to work with more complex health issues and especially supporting those with mental health, adrenal and thyroid health. She loves using evidence based natural medicine and can understand complex pathology reports. She has access to a wide range of clinical testing if required. Jayne also has a special interest in nutrigenomics.

Prudence Matar is a clinical nutritionist and the founder of Matar Health Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Clinic.


She is dedicated and passionate about helping clients discover their full health and vitality. The Marta Clinic specialises in muscle gain, weight loss, women’s health (PCOS, Endometriosis, PMS, painful periods, irregular periods, heavy periods, sexual health), fertility, allergies, gut imbalances, auto-immune conditions, disordered eating, skin health and children’s health.

Rafael Bucater specialises in musculoskeletal massage therapy, deep tissue and remedial massage, postural and biomechanical assessment.


Rafael has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, Post-Degree in Exercise Physiology overseas, Diploma of Fitness, Sports, and Remedial Massage, in Australia.


He currently lectures at the Australian Institute of Fitness at the Adelaide campus. He has been teaching fitness and massage courses for the last 5 years and is passionate about educating new therapists.


Rafael presented at the 2019 South Australian Sports Medicine FAST conference speaking to trainers about sports massage techniques and self-care techniques.

Meet the finalists for Clinic of the Year:

CK Health and Wellbeing

CK Health is a national award-winning multidisciplinary wellness clinic who are proudly committed to helping their clients’ bodies heal naturally, using results driven, evidence-based treatments. 


Founded on a commitment to supporting people to heal and thrive; their core values are to provide integrity and compassion, offering a completely holistic mind-body experience using nutrition, naturopathy and psychology. 


CK Health was established by Naturopath and Nutritionist Cody Kennedy in 2013 and is now a renowned family business in Merewether, Newcastle, helmed by Cody, her husband Paul, and supported by an incredible team of dedicated allied health practitioners. 

Goulds Natural Medicine Clinic

Goulds Natural Medicine has a very long history in Hobart. Originally established in the late 1800’s, it moved to its current site nearly 100 years ago and has become a Hobart institution.


Goulds Naturopathica changed hands in 2006 to the current owners, a collaboration between four Naturopaths (Dawn Whitten, Dr. Jason Hawrelak, Belinda Robson and Daniel Robson) and medicinal herb farmer, Greg Whitten. Keeping the style, furnishings and overall look of the shop as traditional as possible, they expanded the range of natural medicines further.


One of the core values of the current owners and the business, is to maintain a connection with the medicinal plants they use and prescribe, and to ensure that their production is of the highest quality and ethical standard. Goulds’ medicinal herb farm in Allens Rivulet produces many of the herbs used to make the herbal tinctures and dried herbs found in Goulds creams, teas and remedies.

Herbal Health Hub Lismore

The Herbal Health Hub was set up in March 2022 in direct response to the floods that decimated Lismore and surrounding towns. Trish Clough, Fiona Gray and Sandy Jeudwine saw a need for naturopathic support for flood affected locals and volunteers. They established the Herbal Health Hub to provide free, over the counter brief consultations for people, mainly focussing on nervous system and adrenal support, immune support, and general nutritional support.

Working out of a van, twenty-two volunteer naturopaths and herbalists worked at the Herbal Healing Hub, donating their time for free and working multiple shifts, offering herbal first aid and support for people affected or those looking after those who have been affected.

White Fox Massage was founded by Ellie Hofland in 2016, starting out from her home, the business has flourished into its beautiful home within Lawson Village, in the World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains.


White Fox Massage offers a suite of services including, Remedial & Pregnancy massage, indulgent beauty treatments & facials, Naturopathy, Women’s Physiotherapy and more.

Meet your student finalists:

Zoe Rosa is in her final year of Naturopathy at Endeavour College of Natural Health. During her time at the student clinic, she was able to support her clients and produce great results for them.


Zoe has been a part of volunteer programs including Lauren Lacey’s Nutrition and Public Health volunteer programs. This involved going to Fiji and travelling the island to take blood pressure, BMI, blood glucose and heart rate tests. These tests were done with the goal of preventing diabetes from developing in these communities. Zoe believes these volunteer programs are integral for students and practitioners to be a part of.

Ebony is studying Remedial Massage and consistently strives for personal growth and development in all aspects of her study. Her curious mind and dedication to furthering herself academically and professionally is evident in her assessment submissions, clinic participation and rapport with peers. She genuinely has a passion for helping clients in a holistic and nurturing manner which reflects her treatment application. Even in supervised clinical practice, her client feedback has been excellent and her willingness to help others stands out among her peers. 

Hannah Hudson is studying an Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda at EQUALS International. Her passion for supporting women in the perinatal period, pre-conception, pregnancy, and post-partum through Ayurvedic practice has made her stand out. Hannah has been a champion for perinatal health practice within the student group having sought out and shared additional learning in this area with her peers. Additionally, Hannah has provided emotional and practical support to the student group.

Joanne is a Remedial Massage student at Evolve College, who has taken all learning opportunities that have presented themselves and eagerly absorbed the information shared. She regularly contributes to class discussions and asks valid questions to ensure she has a good understanding of the concepts prior to putting it into practice. When it comes to student clinics Joanne is always ready to take on the role of reception without even blinking an eye. She has a professional approach to greeting the clients and informing other therapists of their arrival. Joanne is always keen to learn and shares her excitement of moving forward into her own practice and being able to attend ongoing learning opportunities.

A big thank you to all those who nominated and applied for the awards in 2022.

Congratulations to all our finalists and best of luck!