What is your role at your organisation and how do you support practitioners /or the industry?

I’m the Managing Director at Switch on Health, which is a new(ish) college offering ATMS accredited Advanced Diploma qualifications. 


How do we support practitioners and industry? 


Existing practitioners have the opportunity to upgrade their qualifications with us and add new modalities, and so be able to offer their clients even more. 


Our mission statement is:


“Everyone has the right to a happier and healthier life.” 


We bring the opportunity to obtain qualifications to those who otherwise might not be able to, and what a fabulous opportunity it is. 

How did you get into your area of expertise and why do you stay?

Wow.  Well, I always had a passion for teaching.  It started in the classroom and grew from there as I recognised (back then) some of the shortfalls in online education and how this could be improved.  And why do I stay?  It’s incredibly rewarding. 


Look at it this way.  As a practitioner I was quite happy helping one person at a time.  When I started teaching, I realised how much more leverage I could get.  If I could help turn 30 students into awesome practitioners, and each of them went out and helped one person at a time, I was being far more effective.  And then of course I got into management.  If I could improve our courses and help all the teaching staff, and then each of them helped all their students, I’ve just leveraged myself again.  So it’s incredibly rewarding to be in this position making the biggest difference I can.   

What has been the main focus or outcomes of your work over the past year?

It’s still very early days for our college.  A key focus for us is developing great new and up-to-date content, and making sure we provide exceptional support for all our clients.  We’re also continually looking for ways to collaborate and cross-promote with existing practitioners.  Together we are stronger. 

How has your field changed in the past 5 years? What new areas are emerging?

There’s massive growth in the demand for online learning.  This is an area in which we have extensive experience, and we recognise the importance of having the support and structures in place to optimise the learning experience and outcomes so that our clients really get their value for money.  We aim to provide the benefits of studying online, without the drawbacks!

What do you predict will happen in the next 5 to 10 years in your particular field?

An increasing migration to online, not just in education but also in practice, i.e. telehealth.  I think this provides both benefits and drawbacks, and we need to ensure being more digitally connected doesn’t make us more socially isolated!  I think we’ll see even more advances in online communication, but we need to make sure we remain connected and true to our roots, and to maintain that therapeutic relationship with each other. 

How does your organisation / or your products benefit natural medicine practitioners?

The opportunity to acquire new skills, expand your professional network, and raise your profile among those entering our profession. 

What is the one-way you believe natural medicine practitioners, can make a difference for their clients?

I’d say it would have to be that we recognise and treat the individual.  Treat the person, not the disease!   We all work with our clients to support their choices and what is best for them on an individual and personal level.  We listen to their story, and make sure they feel heard and acknowledged. 

What’s the questions you get asked the most by practitioners, and how do you answer it?

  • Can I get recognition for previous studies?  


  • When is your next intake? You can start at anytime.  We’re right here to support you. 


  • Do you have any positions available? We’re always on the lookout for great talent.  Let’s talk 😊

Fun Fact for the Readers: Tell us who inspires you / or who your professional idol is and why?

Hands down, I am truly inspired by all the wonderful practitioners who are out there on the ground and making a real difference to people’s lives.  I also get inspired by our students.  Watching them grow and develop and overcome their personal challenges, and being a part of their journey – it’s really humbling, and I feel privileged to share part of their journey with them.