About Us

Many of the functions and activities of ATMS are managed by Committees. At February 2013
ATMS Committees were:
Academic Review Committee  
The Academic Review Committee assesses and determines individual applications for
ATMS membership. The Academic Review Committee also makes recommendations to the Board on College and/or Course recognition, as well as on general academic or other membership/recognition matters.
Complaints CommitteeThe Complaints Committee processes all complaints against ATMS members, as well as some other related matters.

Continuing Professional Education Committee

The Professional Education Seminars Committee manages all issues concerning the timetabling and running of the ATMS Professional Education Seminars.

Finance Audit and Compliance Committee

The Audit Committee oversees many of ATMS internal functions, especially relating to financial matters.

Marketing Committee

This committee overseas the ATMS social media pages, website and marketing promotion.

Regulatory Committee

This committee oversees regulatory proposals, changes and developments.

Research Committee

The Research Committee considers approaches made to ATMS to participate in research programs, and oversees any research undertaken directly by ATMS.