ATMS host Wentworth Candidates Forum

The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS) will tonight host the Wentworth Candidates Forum in Woollahra, NSW.


The seat of Wentworth has a by-election on 20 October that could change the balance of power and influence policy on future private health insurance reforms. Recently the Government has approved the removal of 17 natural therapies from the Private Health Insurance rebates, effective 01 April 2019.


The ATMS Wentworth Candidates Forum offers a chance for local practitioners, small business owners and consumers of natural medicine in the local area to support the industry and have their say.   


Why are we hosting this important event? 

  • To continue to represent ATMS accredited members and influence future decision makers in Government.
  • To hear from the Wentworth Candidates on their views and policy ideas for natural medicine, small business and the health and wellbeing of Australians.
  • To allow our practitioners, local small business people and consumers of natural medicine an opportunity to object to the proposed changes to remove natural therapies from health funds.
  • To continue to build relationships and raise awareness of the benefits of natural medicine with Candidates in the Wentworth electorate.
  • To ask questions of candidates in an open Q&A facilitated by Peter Strong, CEO of the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA) about their views on natural therapies.

Invited candidates:


Angela Vithoulkas @clr_angela: An Australian politician, business owner and media personality. She has been a Councillor in the City of Sydney since 2012 and is an Independent candidate for Wentworth.


Licia Heath @LiciaHeath: An Independent candidate for Wentworth. She is the Director at Women for Election Australia, a non-partisan not for profit, advocating to lift the number of women in public office in Australia; in Local, State and Federal Government.


Shayne Higson @ShayneHigson: A candidate from the Voluntary Euthanasia Party (VEP) and will be contesting the vacant seat of Wentworth in the upcoming by-election.


Dr Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps: An Independent candidate, former head of the Australian Medical Association and Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney.


Dave Sharma – Pending: Businessman and former public servant, he is the Liberal candidate for Wentworth.


Dominic Wy Kanak – Pending: Waverley Deputy mayor since 2017 and Councillor 1999-2017. Contested Kogarah at the 1999 State election.

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 Seats are now extremely limited, get in fast to secure the last places. Register now.