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ATMS offers three kinds of memberships, all with different requirements and benefits, for Accredited Practitioners Members, Associate Non-Practitioner Members, and Student Memberships. 


$ 250
July - June
  • New Accredited or Rejoins July - June (Full Yr) $250
  • Student to Accredited July - Jun (Full Yr) $100
  • The membership year for ATMS is 1 July to 30 June.​
  • Discounts on 100s of CPE events
  • Free access to EBSCO
  • Subscription to the Journal of ATMS
  • Government advocacy and lobbying


$ 0
00 July - June
  • (CPE) events
  • Industry support
  • Awards & Grants
  • Free access to EBSCO
  • ATMS Journal
  • Representation


$ 250
July - June
  • TRANSFER to ATMS at anytime by completing the online form below


$ 85
July - June
  • July 2021 - June 2022 (Full Yr) $85
  • Subscription to the Journal of ATMS
  • Subsidised entry to seminars, webinars and events.
  • A monthly e-newsletter the ATMS Wise N Well


Most frequent questions and answers

A very important question! The simple answer is, ASK.


A practitioner who is a member of a registered association has had their qualifications assessed as meeting association requirements, and is subject to that associations’ Code of Conduct. You can see the ATMS Code of Conduct here.

Yes we can!

You can call the office during business hours on 1800 456 855 or you can look in the “Find a Practitioner” section of our website. Click here to be redirected

You can find a comprehensive list of colleges listed on our website. All colleges listed here are accredited with ATMS.


However, not all courses delivered by the college may be accredited with ATMS. Once you have decided on which field you would like to study please check with your college or our office on 1800 456 855 to see if that particular course is accredited.

Yes you can apply for Accredited membership without having completed an ATMS Accredited Course. However, we will need additional information from you so we can assess you correctly. Information is contained within the ATMS Accredited membership application form. See page 3.

This will depend on a number of factors. Firstly, check with your health fund. Does your policy cover natural therapies, and more importantly the therapy you wish to use?


Once you have established you can make a claim, ask your practitioner if they are a registered provider with your health fund. If they are then you should be able to claim a rebate. 


Some important things to remember.  If you put in a claim and it is rejected you need to contact your practitioner.  Generally, it is timing issue where information between the association and the health fund can become delayed. The majority of the time it can be rectified with a simple phone call. Your practitioner will call their association and sort out the matter. Please do not just assume that the practitioner is not registered. Your practitioner will be happy you have called and will want to rectify the situation for you as a respected client.

ATMS prides itself on being the largest Natural Therapies Association in Australia. We are a multi modality association, with 25 different modalities listed. Further information can be obtained by going to Benefits of being an ATMS member.