About The Classified

Noticeboard is a free 50 word advertising service for ATMS members. Advertisements must not be for commercial goods or commercial services. Please let us know when your notice is no longer needed. Limit of 3 notices per member. Advertisement remain on this website for 3 months. Advertisement goes on website every Friday so please ensure ad gets emailed before Thursday COB. 

“Non-Member Advertising”

Please ensure all ads specify recruitment of ATMS practitioners. There is a fee of $30.00 for advertisements of up to 50 words. To arrange payment please ring ATMS on 1800 456 855. We take either  VISA or MASTERCARD.

How To Place An Ad ?

Email the following information to the office at

  • ATMS Member Number
  • Your First and Surname
  • Details of the advertisement (50 words)
  • Your contact information