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Writing For Your Business By Rosemary Ann Ogilvie

Writing can be an effective way of raising your profile, and the profile of your business. A good writer with a professional attitude who has a great angle for a story that fits with the publication’s readership may succeed in getting published but make no mistake: it’s increasingly difficult. Read More


Practitioner Blog: Transition to Practice

I recently attended the ATMS Transition to Practice Seminar, which for me was invaluable. As a newly qualified naturopath, I had registered my business name, arranged my insurance, set up my website, and on the face of it looked like I was doing all the right things. I had one big problem though, no customers and no strategy to rectify the situation. If I am completely honest, I was sort of OK with this, due to lack of confidence in my abilities as a new practitioner. I know many newly qualified practitioners feel the same, as business and marketing is generally not an area where we feel comfortable. The seminar covered lots of information on how to get your business up and running and plenty of ideas for growing your business. Read More


Put mindfulness on the menu

How do you feel about a nice big serving of stale popcorn? I’m betting you might have some other preferences, but just for interest sake indulge yourself in this research finding. Prof Brian Wansink from Cornell University has published a study on portion sizes and unconscious eating habits. Under investigation was the eating behaviour of 158 movie goers who were randomly assigned to receive either a medium or large container of free popcorn, that was either fresh or stale. Participants in the study were then assessed for the amount of popcorn consumed and their perceptions of how it tasted. The results showed that the bigger the container, the more popcorn was consumed irrespective of being stale. Read More


Inflammation and using food to detox

Savvy health enthusiasts are becoming more and more aware that inflammation is the basis of many illnesses on a number of levels. When the body carries toxins, holds too much acid between the joints, which causes pain, or has an imbalanced PH with gut issues, chances are you will not be healthy no matter how much exercise you do, water you drink, or good food you seem to eat – now and then. Read More


Research in Homeopathy 5
Robert Medhurst BNat ND DHom

The Australian Federal Government recently announced that in 2019, the healthcare insurance rebates for most complementary medicine consultations provided by non-registered healthcare providers, including rebates for homeopathic treatment, would cease. This measure was taken as a means of reducing healthcare spending in areas where the government was advised that there was insufficient evidence for the treatment modality to justify the rebate. Read More


Commencing practice: Health Fund Eligibility

A key business aspect of establishing yourself in practice is your eligibility to be recognised as a service provider with health funds. This is an important part of a practice strategy – what is the pricing strategy for services and what is the positioning strategy for health fund rebates. In this blog we guide you to understanding the provider eligibility requirements of the Australian health funds. Read More


A guide to marketing your practice

Most practitioners will tell you that word of mouth is the best way to grow your business, that’s great but how do you build word of mouth as a new practitioner? Building a community of passionate advocates for your business is the desirable outcome for your marketing, so in this blog we will look at three ways you can build a client base and ultimately develop “word of mouth”. Read More


How to transition from student to running a practice

You’ve graduated as a natural medicine practitioner, you’re excited and you are ready to set up your practice. What do you need to think about to get your practice set up and running well? We have compiled a list of the first three things you need to consider to ensure you set up your practice effectively. Read More


5 foods that can improve your stress levels

Stress is a prolific illness in our world today. It permeates into our kid’s lives while they are still in school, creeps into our relationships, into our offices and stays with us through to old age. But it doesn’t have to be so. There are many ways to alleviate stress – what we need is a healthy tool kit to use against it. Natural medicine can teach us different skills, including how to use the different modalities to ease stress levels. This is something we can all adopt at any age for all of our lives. Learning to eat right is part of this tool kit, which includes many foods that can help you reduce your stress levels. Read More


Eating with a spoonful of mindfulness

How many decisions do you think you make around food each day? Maybe 20, maybe 50, actually it is at least 200 per day! How amazing, all of those unconscious decisions. With such a strong auto-pilot no wonder diets are so hard to stick to. Not to mention other factors that influence our choices e.g. thoughts, emotions, food availability, stress, deservedness, time etc. Read More


Stop Sugar Cravings

Q: I suffer constant sugar cravings that make it impossible to keep my weight down. Is there anything I can do to stop them? Incessant sugar cravings that seemingly nothing has the ability to satiate can make life miserable. Fiona Workman (B. Health Science, B. Commerce, Dip…


The Truth about Coconut Oil

Question: Coconut oil is being touted as the new wonder food, the miracle cure-all for numerous ailments. I can’t help thinking it seems too good to be true. Is it?   The important thing we need to be clear about is that fats are not created equal…


Exercise for Optimal Ageing

If exercise figures on your list of New Year’s resolutions, move it to number one position, underscore it, asterisk it, diarise it and DO it, because staying active enables you to age optimally. This was the finding of a study of amateur older cyclists by King’s…


Good Life Satisfaction Helps Keep Bones Healthy

Women aged 60 to 70 who are satisfied with their lives have a higher bone density and are less likely to suffer from osteoporosis than their unsatisfied peers, a new study from the University of Eastern Finland found. Age brings about decreases in bone density, with menopause constituting a…




How your Menstrual Cycle can Help you Quit Smoking

A new study by Adrianna Mendrek of the University of Montreal and its affiliated Institute university en santé mentale de Montréal, published in Psychiatry Journal, suggests the menstrual cycle may have an effect on nicotine cravings.   Fewer than one ex-smoker in 10 manages to remain a non-smoker after a year,…


How to do a Mind Body Detox

We’re well into autumn – and what a truly sensational one it’s proving to be in many parts of the country. Still, this is the season when nature slows down in preparation for winter – and in line with this, the pace of our lives…