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ATMS and Health Funds

Association membership does not guarantee health fund provider status. Health funds maintain their own requirements for provider status. Health funds do not recognise qualifications delivered substantially online, by distance, through correspondence or externally. They also do not recognise  overseas qualifications.


ATMS Health Fund & Declaration

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Health Fund Table June 2021

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First Aid Certificate

Accredited members who wish to have health funds provider status are required to have a current Senior First Aid certificate. A copy of the Certificate must be sent with the application form.

Continuing Professional Education

All Accredited members must fully participate in the ATMS Continuing Professional Education Program and maintain evidence of their Continuing Professional Education activities. Evidence of Continuing Professional Education activities must be provided if requested by ATMS. Details of the ATMS Continuing Professional Education Program will be sent to you with your new member pack, and are also available on the ATMS website. It is also a requirement of health funds that recognised practitioners undertake ongoing, continuing professional education activities.

Health Fund Rebates

A full list of health funds which rebate on specific modalities is placed on the ATMS website. Updated information on health funds changes is also published in both the Journal of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society as well as on the ATMS website.


For health funds to rebate on the services of Accredited members, it is important that a proper invoice be issued to patients. The information which must be included on an invoice is also listed on the ATMS website. It is ATMS policy that only Accredited members issue their own invoice. An Accredited member must never allow another practitioner, student or staff member to use their provider details, as this constitutes health fund fraud. Misrepresenting the service(s) provided on the invoice also constitutes health fund fraud. Health fund fraud is a criminal offence which may involve a police investigation and expulsion from the ATMS Register of Members.


May be stamped, pre-printed or computer generated and must include:

  • Date of treatment & Receipt Number
  • Your name & ATMS member number
  • Clinic street address (not PO Box) and telephone number
  • ABN
  • Clients Name
  • Type of treatment (ie Remedial Massage)
  • Cost of treatment
  • Provider number (if health fund requires different number to your ATMS member number)
  • If clients request a copy of receipt, the copy must specify ‘duplicate copy’
  • Please contact Scolina Services for ATMS pre-printed receipts (02) 4311 6044

Professional Indemnity / Public & Products Liability Insurance

Accredited members are required to have current Professional Indemnity (PI) and Public/ Products Liability (PPL) insurance policy.

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