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ATMS have a number of recognised colleges in NSW, NT, QLD, SA, WA and VIC who offer quality training. These ATMS approved colleges vary widely in the delivery of educational content and delivery hours. 


Any educational qualifications substantially attained by distance only learning, correspondence training, online learning and external mode will not be recognised by a number of health fund insurance providers.  A number of these funds have specific requirements for duration of training and delivery modes to become a recognised provider with them

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Accreditation Process

In order to become an ATMS Recognised Provider of Natural Medicine Education or Training, herein referred to as an ATMS Recognised Provider, the educational institution must also be granted ATMS course accreditation in one or more of the modalities that is accredited by ATMS. An educational institution cannot become an ATMS Recognised Provider without having a course accredited, just as an educational institution cannot have a course accredited without also being approved as an ATMS Recognised Provider.


To become an ATMS Recognised Provider you are required to complete the ATMS Recognised Provider Application Form as well as an ATMS Course Accreditation Form for each course you wish to have accredited with ATMS.

ATMS Recognised Provider of Natural Medicine Education or Training Application Form

ATMS Course Accreditation Application Forms

ATMS Minimum Education Standards



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Remedial Massage


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Thai Massage

Western Herbal Medicine